Sunday, January 29, 2012

Take a Stitch Tuesday–Cretan Stitch

This week was the cretan stitch. I could do this stitch with variations all day. So much variety….so many choices!

cretan stitch

My help this morning…and when I play it back on the computer, he runs over and does it again. He can keep this up all day.

Today I will finish my calendar quilt for class, I will work on the CQJP block….and I will clean the pantry out. Anything that I will never use that hasn’t expired will go to the local food bank.


Linda said...

You do such a great job, so much variety. Linda

CJ/Crazy Judyth said...

Phooey on the stitches... It's THE BIRD!!! I love him. I want another one. My "Crackers" died at the age of 15 which I'm told is a long life for a Cockatiel. There is one at the Vets that we go to and I keep telling them that I'm going to take him home. I go visit him every time I go there. Which lately seems rather often.
Take care of him. He's a real JOY!!!