Monday, July 1, 2013

Sewing Expo and Stuff


Chinky has been moved into the living room and I’m reorganizing my sewing room. I’m horrified. I mean…at what point did I become one button jar away from an episode of Hoarders? At this point I have Five (count them…5!) full gallon jars of buttons.  Almost all are vintage. And then I came across an organizer box with all these vintage buttons neatly divided by color. This doesn’t count the other embellishments. I have three more boxes (so far) to tackle and I know there are going to be baggies of buttons in one of them. Somebody is going to have a blast digging through my stuff after I die…..

I went to the sewing expo in Reno. Spent quite a few hours there. I had a chair entered in “The Chariatable Affair” contest. Didn’t win, but it was fun. Saw lots of people there that I knew….but it was Allie Aller’s quilts that stole the show. I wish that I had taken close ups, but I didn’t. There was a gorgeous Heart quilt, but that was one of my blurry pictures. I really need to take a tripod with me.


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Debbie S. said...

Thanks so much for posting photos Lisa! I love them all!