Monday, February 20, 2012

Take a Stitch Tuesday Week 7–Detached Chain Stitch

Well, I find myself short on time. I realized that I have about 6 weeks to get a challenge quilt dome for the Nevada Quilt Guild’s show in Fallon, Nevada. The theme is “Under Western Skies”. So I find myself very short on time for other things. I am putting the binding on “Pickled Ginger” when I have a few moments here & there I put a couple of stitches on the back.

A-n-y-w-a-y….I haven’t had time to do my stitches on the pages like I planned. So here is what I have. From the challenge quilts I am working on:


I’ll try harder this week. I promise.

The Massage Therapist grabbed ahold of my tendon while I moved my shoulder into place. Talk about painful! I have bruises. I did feel it go back into place…what a relief! Sure beats surgery. He did tell me I had torn another tendon that held this one in place and so now I have to be careful in how I extend my right arm. Sure is nice to be able to use it again.

My helper, Chinky, is here trying to insinuate himself between me & the keyboard. Pretty soon he’ll climb up on my shoulder and bite my ear. I tried showing him other cockatiels on you tube (that always excited the other birds), but I guess since he is unaware he is a bird so I guess it’s not a biggie to him. He does like his own videos…..runs over to the computer to listen to himself.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Take a Stitch Tuesday – Chevron…and stuff

My Chiropractor says that my bicipital tendon has “jumped out of its groove”. It’s a whole new level of pain management. Of course it’s my right arm and I am very right handed. The doctor didn’t even charge me (wow) and recommended a sports massage therapist and warned me “it’s gonna hurt like hell”. Really?

So I call this therapist and when I tell him the problem he hesitates…then says “did the doctor say anything about it?” Sigh….he says the procedure us one of the most painful he does and makes grown men cry. That's something to look forward to (we really need a sarcasm font). So Tuesday I get my first hour of torture. My alternative is an MRI and surgery. Those may still me in my future if he’s not successful in reseating it.

Take a stitch Tuesday week 6. This is an easy stitch…lots and lots of variations and I know I’ve only scratched the surface. Can’t believe I made it….bring on week 7!



Sunday, February 5, 2012

Take a Stitch Tuesday–Herringbone…and stuff

Here are my stitches for week 5. Always a fun stitch, but I never really go “outside the box” on this one.


Been quite a week and I’m sooo glad the caucus is over. It wasn’t as bad as I expected. I was bracing myself for the very worst they could throw at each other. Living in the state capitol makes it so much worse. Mud slinging seems to be a sport here. I hardly turned on the TV this last week.

Yesterday I went to the annual 4H Rummage sale and came home with bags and bags of crazy quilt goodies. Bags of beads and broken jewelry. A cream silk scarf that is huge! trims and goodies. I go back this morning to see if the cabinet that I liked is still there. JoAnn’s has thread for half price anyway…so that’s another excuse to go out.

Pickled Ginger is on the table for basting this morning. Need to get it done before the edges ravel to nothing. This seems to be the one that everyone wants to see.


I gave the little blue fairy to my friend. It was made from a picture of her grand daughter. I took her for surgery that day and she showed it to all the nurses. Now people want my business card. I’m not prepared for this. All the nurses want one (or more). I’m not quite sure how I will handle this…but I guess I need some business cards….

And here is Chinky in his morning preening watching over the Pickled Ginger process. I never bother to close the cage anymore. He knows when bedtime is. I have bowls with treats or food in several places around the sewing room to promote natural foraging behavior. He is a total member of the family. Biggest problem I have is when he tries to follow someone out the front door. He gets so upset when anyone leaves the house. Stands at the door and screams. Silly bird.