Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Quilt Show Post-Mortem

It was a wild and wonderful weekend. Tomorrow is my surgery and I’m going in feeling very upbeat and relaxed. I spent the weekend working in the “Our Quilting Heritage” exhibit at the quilt show. It was very, very popular. We had a number of antiques (plus the fairy quilt “Dreamweaver” on display along with demonstrations of how to properly hand quilt for tiny tiny even stitches (I learned a lot), operating a treadle machine, and crazy quilting. I got to spend the whole weekend discussing my favorite subject. There was enormous interest in crazy quilting

I had four quilts entered. One challenge and the three others allowed for guild members. I won a first in mixed media small, a second in abstract non-representational, the third in the challenge that was already displayed at the library…and one disqualification. On “Neptune’s Garden” the judge said that the definition of a quilt is three layers of fabric held together with thread…and I thought “well hell, that’s the last time I spend a week hiding my tying”. LOL

She did go on to note the yellow submarine and that the embellishments were extremely well done. I actually got very good comments and now know what I need to concentrate on for my next quilt.

Overall it was the best show I have entered or attended to date. Had a wonderful weekend.

Fabric Chicks has asked if they can hang my quilts in their booth at the Sewing Expo in Reno next week…so they will be displayed there. I hang out in Beth’s shop quite a bit and teach there every month so I figure this is another good chance to get my work exposed.

arachnophobia2 Arachnophobia II: The Sequel
pickledGinger Pickled Ginger
lisa Loyann (on the treadle) and me

Saturday, June 2, 2012

A Wonderful Antique Crazy Quilt


Here are some wonderful pictures taken by Janie Cattoor of Douglas County, Nevada. This is a crazy quilt made by Anna Emma Gavin who was born in 1857 in Kentucky and died in 1940 Montana (I bet she had some stories to tell!). The names embroidered reflect members of Anna’s family. The designs that she embroidered came from a watercolor book. The quilt was made in and dated 1888.

This beautiful quilt is in the guardianship of Anna’s niece, Doris Bennet of Genoa, Nevada. She received it from her father in 1987.

acq00 acq01
acq02 acq03
acq04 acq05
acq06 acq07
acq08 acq09
acq10 acq11