Sunday, January 15, 2012

Taking my first class at Fabric Chicks

I’ve been quilting for at least 27 years and I have never had a real class. Crazy quilting I teach, but it’s unstructured. My intent when I joined the guild a few years ago was to make new friends who didn’t think my “hobby” was a dead language and to learn. I’ve taken workshops with the guild, but they were purses. Yesterday was my first “real” quilting class. What a blast!  Yes, it’s using steam a seam and it’s a small wall hanging, but it was fun! I didn’t want to leave at the end. I went because a friend from work was taking her first class and is just getting into sewing. What a riot….the quilt shop opened a tab for her!


I, of course, spent way more than I planned.I always do when I walk into that shop. The owner, Beth, is into crazy quilting and embellishment. So as time goes on, her shop becomes more and more embellishment friendly. Last weekend I was in there and bought a yard of lace hand dyed by Elinor Peace Bailey.

I came home and attempted to work on the wall hanging. Guess I was missed. My helper, Chinky, flopped down in the middle of everything and wouldn’t move LOL


Today I am going to put backing on the little blue fairy. I’m going to try to get the backing on the guild’s challenge quilt. Have to have the done by the end of February.

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