Sunday, January 22, 2012

Finished work this weekend

I managed to finish the blue fairy. I’ll give that as a gift after I show it at the guild meeting tomorrow night and the crazy quilt club next weekend.

blue fairy 1 blue fairy 2
blue fairy 3

<---- One of Crazy Judyth’s Dragonflies!

Next on the hit parade: I finished the guild challenge quilt. Haven’t named it yet. Nothing is jumping out at me yet.

guild challenge 1 guild challenge 2
guild challenge 3 guild challenge 4

I’ve nearly finished the top for my class. Calendar quilt with a valentine’s day theme. Started my Crazy Quilt Journal Project. All and all a very productive weekend. And all with the help of Chinky:


Judy said...

Sounds like he is saying "Whatchagot". Cute

Judy said...

Sounds like he is saying "Whatchagot". Cute

grbev said...

love the quilt. Name? How about
"There's a lizard in my bed and it's too early for tea."