Saturday, July 20, 2013

Exciting News – My Book is out


I stepped out of my box again. Feels good to do that. I published my book on and I have had so many wonderful comments and a great deal of encouragement. This is volume one. I felt I would never finish it if I didn’t break it up. Volume two is in the works.

Included in this volume is my beaded spiders and spider webs. Stitch combinations, etc.

The picture on the cover of the book was supposed to be part of a challenge quilt last year, but it made the quilt too big for the challenge…so it was just hanging on the wall waiting for something special.


full_1648_61465_LittleBookofCrazyQuiltEmbellishment_1  full_416_61465_LittleBookofCrazyQuiltEmbellishment_3