Monday, May 28, 2012

So many things, so little time

This has been the month of disasters. The hot water heater died…and of course, it is one that is very difficult to find. Lowe’s tells me it will be twice as much as we were originally quoted and then it will be six to eight weeks before we get it. Thank You Champion Homes for selling me this piece of crap home. Nothing fits. Nothing is standard size and if you do try to fix something it breaks something else. And yet I keep making payments…oh, and then the oven went out and the dryer went out and the truck broke down. Oh and I have to pay my portion for surgery in cash this week. I’m standing in the middle of this and every time I think this has to be the last of it, something else happens. Sigh. I know I will live though heating water on the stovetop sucks big time.

I’ve been busy too. I’m working on some mermaids blocks.



Buffalo Gals won 3rd place from what I’ve been told. Just didn’t have time to drive to Fallon for that show. Maybe next year. My challenge quilt, Quixotic Obsession won a third also. I have three other quilts entered in the Carson Valley Quilt Guild Show, plus the fairy quilt will be on display in the quilting heritage exhibit. That will be five of my quilts on display. I have also been asked to demo my sewing in the exhibit and answer questions both days… I’ve dug out a silk blouse that I haven’t fit in in years and making a simple black skirt and maybe I will even dye my hair for the occasion.

I’ve started a new spider web and bugs quilt for the demo because the spiders are always so impressive to everyone.